Godzilla 3D to the max

Godzilla 3D to the MAX is a cancelled short IMAX Godzilla film that was slated for a 2009 release. It was cancelled in favor of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla (2014).


The film was conceived by Yoshimitsu Banno, who had previously directed the film Godzilla vs. Hedorah in 1971. Banno planned for the film to be about 40 minutes in length and to be released in IMAX theaters in the United States in 2007, then in Japan the next year. The film encountered many delays and was pushed back to 2009. Banno was still unable to acquire funding for the film, and approached Legendary Pictures to seek funding. Legendary instead proposed a feature-length American Godzilla film, and purchased the film rights to Godzilla from his owners, Toho Company Ltd. Banno acted as an executive producer for the resulting film.


A giant pollution-consuming monster called Deathla appears and begins destroying the environment, causing Godzilla to awaken from hibernation in the Iguazu Falls. Godzilla engages Deathla in battle, and the two monsters battle across Mexico and the United States, eventually ending their battle in Las Vegas.


According to Banno, the film would be targeted toward and American audience, and would have featured an American cast and modern special effects. The film's final battle was originally intended to take place at Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in New York City, but was moved to Las Vegas. The enemy monster in the film, Deathla, was described as resembling the other Godzilla enemy Hedorah, but red in color, with an upright stance, a skull-like head, and spikes all over its body.


  • The film's creator, Yoshimitsu Banno, had previously intended to create a sequel for his film Godzilla vs. Hedorah back in the 1970's, but was banned from working on another Godzilla film by series producer Tomoyuki Tanaka for as long as the latter lived. Banno most likely intended Godzilla 3D to the MAX to act as a "disguised sequel" to Godzilla vs. Hedorah.